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digital signage offers extraordinary visibility for advertising messages, internal promotions and specialty marketing, just like the flagship digital billboards in Times Square in Manhattan. Retailers, brand marketers and service providers can tailor their messages to target passersby during business hours, evening entertainment excursions or family shopping trips on weekends, creating custom, media-rich messages for the demographic makeup of people likely to see the signs.

Create a Rich Experience for Customers

Photo caption: Deliver advertising messages directly to the customer.
of 3D Signs: http://www.dddsigns.com/)

Electronic signs deliver more than simple advertising messages because they can encourage customer interaction, entertain and inform people and broadcast sports and financial information. People make about 75 percent of their buying decisions at the points of purchase, according to the Point of Purchase Advertising International organization.

  • Signage compels attention and reaches potential customers when they are most responsive.
  • Full motion displays, color graphics, interactive touch screens and real-time content add senses of urgency and timeliness to promotional messages.
  • Owners and store managers can use changeable signs to promote high-margin items, offer specials and limited-time offers and upsell popular products by recommending appropriate accessories.
  • Digital displays could include community-service messages, safety tips, and direct feeds for news, weather and entertainment.

Digital signage entertains people who are waiting for medical procedures, automotive services and seating in restaurants. Restaurants can feature daily specials, menu-item nutritional information and upcoming menu changes on digital displays.

Costs and Content Considerations

Content describes a variety of pictures, videos, live feeds, animations, interactive applications and text that these electronic signs display. Personal computers and servers usually control the technology so that business owners can create custom displays without making large capital expenditures for controlling equipment.

Creating strong content makes advertising messages more powerful, and tailoring messages to specific audiences generates an enormous promotional impact. Businesses can save on long-term advertising and printing costs because the technology delivers hundreds of custom messages without additional costs. These business signs use LED, LCD, projection and plasma displays, so entrepreneurs have versatile options for quality and affordability.

Purposes of digital signs vary greatly, and they offer astonishing benefits for branding products, training workers and educating and influencing customers.

1 Signs offer public information, directions and internal information.
2 Digital directions can persuade customers to visit different store departments that they might otherwise overlook.
3 Applications and live feeds help to entertain customers while they wait, improving their experience during store visits.
4 Interactive screens create decorative atmospheres and enhance the interior environment.

Static Billboard Image

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Static billboards, out-of-date advertising and inappropriate messages limit the returns on advertising investments, but digital signage allows business owners to engage their customers, tailor their messages and abandon promotions that fizzle. The ease of making changes, attention-grabbing graphics and high-definition video make these signs worth the costs of initial investments for all types of businesses and organizations.

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