Low-cost, high-reliability IP connectivity for business critical networks across USA, Mexico and Central America Raleigh, NC, Paris, 6 December 2016 – Microspace Communications, a pioneer in innovative broadband solutions for established and emerging enterprise applications, has selected the SmartLNB service …

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The American public is increasingly losing trust in our media and government, with a 20% decrease over the last two decades. Fortunately for businesses, the numbers are looking much better. So why do businesses score so much higher than government and media?

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Communication plays a critical role in employee productivity. New communication technologies offer even more ways to make productivity a core value of a company and therefore a part of the culture. When using digital signage to increase worker productivity you can ensure that you are delivering the right messages to the right audience in order to drive the right behavior. It’s important to know your audience so you can map out a content strategy that will support your objectives of improving productivity in the workplace.

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Communication is a huge part of improving your overall culture of safety. It’s important to implement safety topics that everyone can both understand and appreciate. Best part is it’s easy to get started! And once you do your workplace culture will exude key concepts of safety like never before.

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How are you getting your news these days? With social media being a primary form of communication, 62% of Americans are using social media platforms like Facebook to get their local and national news. Facebook in particular is receiving criticism for its biased news posts, but with about 1.8 billion users contributing content its got to be difficult to filter out the real news from the fake. This type of misinformation floats around workplaces as well. So, how do you make sure your company is getting out the right messages to all employees?

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It’s time to stop lamenting a forgotten mission statement, and start empowering managers and employees to give that statement a new life. In three easy steps you can learn how to continually align your mission statement with employee engagement programs.

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Technology in the workplace is ever-changing and adapting to a company’s needs. The new trend is in collaborative robots that work along side their human counterparts. While some people are at first skeptical about their autonomous nature, they soon learn that these co-bots are there to help and not replace them. Taking over boring and repetitive jobs frees up workers to do higher-level, more creative work and avoid the tasks that they didn’t enjoy doing.

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As technology advances, and new ways to innovate the manufacturing industry arise, an inherent issue exists that may stop smaller businesses from utilizing these new technologies. The underlying issue is cost and unfortunately, it is scaring people away from modernizing their business. Read More

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Why would your employees want to stay safe and prevent workplace accidents? The trick is getting each employee to be aware of the reasons for being safe and to be able to recall those same reasons at a moment’s notice. The easiest way to keep employees engaged is to keep your messages visual! Tools like workplace digital signage can make job safety programs easier to reinforce.

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Are you consistently writing content in hopes that your employees will tune in? The key is finding out what would catch your attention. When surfing the internet be aware and keep track of what attracts you. With the creation of listicles, short and bullet point based articles, people are more likely to read a document in its entirety instead of ignoring it completely. Try using those techniques to entice your employees to pay attention to the important issues you wish to communicate.

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