It’s not unusual for people to get excited in the ramp-up to a big election, but then it’s over and it’s back to business. This time it could be different. Both candidates have done things that would not be tolerated in most workplaces. So what’s a manager supposed to do when confronted with this type of behavior in the workplace? Should the borders of acceptable workplace behavior be widened to accommodate this new reality?

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As technology advances we become more reliant on our devices, not only in our personal lives but throughout the workplace. We’ve learned that we can’t predict what the technologies will be, but looking to the past gives us some clues about what’s coming in the future. The way we are connected to our digital devices gives us clues that we can expect the trend to accelerate. Knowing this, we can put our companies’ important communications in places where we know employees will look, like on digital signage.

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With millennials making up one third of the workforce, employers need to re-examine their company’s culture. How is your company embracing the “whole person” when you communicate with your employees? digital signage and electronic message boards are a popular way to reinforce company culture and keep everyone informed. A little creativity and planning will keep your employees engaged.

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An article published in the Wall Street Journal on September 1st claims that the number of unfilled manufacturing jobs is the highest it’s been in 15 years. Why? Apparently, many workers no longer possess the skills to perform today’s manufacturing jobs. How can Computer Integration remedy this?

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In an era where computers are at the core of production processes worldwide, understanding computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), and how it can improve operations, is more crucial than ever. In layman’s term, this is CIM explained….

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Safety in the workplace is a top priority for employers. Despite the millions spent on safety training each year, creating a culture of safety remains a challenge. Companies like Walmart Logistics are innovating with the latest e-learning solutions and gamification that reward and recognize employees. Extending the message to workplace digital signage helps to keep employees engaged and focused on safety.

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During the last day or so, several of Microspace’s customers have inquired about Hurricane Matthew and its possible impact on our services. This is a quick summary of our preparedness for this storm and similar weather conditions. First of all, …

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Announcing VELOCITY DataBridgeLow Cost, High Reliability IP Connectivity for Business Critical Networks Microspace Communications has just announced availability of its new 2-way satellite service called VELOCITY DataBridge. VELOCITY DataBridge is a revolutionary, next generation satellite service that sets a new …

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Managers everywhere are looking for more effective ways to engage their employees. Attention spans are shorter than ever and BYOD has created even more distractions. Visual communication is a key factor in capturing your employees’ attention. Meet us at CorpComm Expo to learn how digital signage can improve your workplace communication.

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